Smaller practice size means personalized and convenient care. Most primary care physicians have a patient panel of around 2000-4000 patients. Each physician in our practice will have a panel of a few hundred patients. This means you will be able to get in to see your physician when you need them.

Same day or next day visits. Because our patient panel size is smaller than a traditional practice, we are usually able to get our patients in for same day or next day visits. This means when you’re sick you’ll be receiving care from your doctor who knows you and your medical history.

Extended office visits with no co-pays. Most visits at Impact Health DPC are 30-60 minutes instead of the average 15 minutes in a traditional practice. This means you won’t feel rushed and you’ll have more time with your doctor to address your health concerns and answer your questions.

Communication with your physician. You can communicate with your physician directly by phone, email or video chat when you have a question or concern.

Technology visits. We can provide technology visits by phone or video chat when appropriate (at the discretion of the physician). If your concern does not require an in-person visit, you will have the convenience of taking care of your health via phone or video chat from the comfort of your home or office at no extra charge.

Transparency. There are no co-pays for our office visits and many of the procedures that we perform are included in the membership. We provide clear and simple pricing on services that are not included in the membership (such as OMT).

Discounted labs.

Membership includes:


  • Annual physical*

  • Well woman visits*

  • Preventative visits*

  • Chronic disease management (i.e. Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, etc)*

  • Urgent/sick care*

  • Well child visits**

  • School and Sports Physicals

  • Newborn and Pediatric care

  • Pre-operative evaluation

  • Weight management/weight loss


  • EKG

  • Ear wax removal

  • Joint injections (knee, shoulder, wrist)

  • Trigger point injections

  • Skin biopsies*

  • Mole removal*

  • Skin tag removal

  • Simple laceration repair (stitches)

  • Incision and Drainage of Abscess

  • Pap smears*

  • Nexplanon placement (does not include cost of Nexplanon)

*Labs and pathology are not included in the membership fee; however, we have negotiated discounted prices on labs

**At this time we are not able to provide vaccines in our office due to cost. Please call to discuss how we can help arrange these for you.

***Some services (such as OMT) will have additional costs. See our pricing page for more information.